happy to be me

Baby Bunny

Mom crochet a huge bunny for my son Kyler. He loves to drag this big animal around!

This bunny has a little story… When my mom flew to Alaska to visit us her luggage got lost… of course. Well the attendant asked, what will be in the luggage? She said… “You can’t miss it, a huge crochet bunny!” The man sort of look at her like she was nuts for carrying around a crochet bunny but sure enough the luggage was located bunny and all. Now bunny is one of Kyler’s favorite toys!

I personally would make the bunny a little smaller than this one only because he seems to want to bring it with him on trips and I end up being the one carrying it around! 🙂

http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/bunnies_rabbits.php Follow this link, they have a lot of free bunny patterns, go ahead and give one a try!

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