happy to be me

Christmas Ornament

This was a gift from my sister and I’m so grateful that she gave it to us! I would never of gotten it myself only because I have a million other things on my mind!

The foot part was easy but the hand was extra hard! Every time I tried to get his hand print he would curl those little fingers trying to take some for himself. As you can see on the middle picture it’s my hand print! haha… I ended up putting it against my hand and basically high-fiving him to get it to work. It came out ok but I really like how the foot came out.

The dough is super easy, it comes in a bag and you don’t have to mix it with anything! You just kneed it for a few minutes then roll it out with the simple roller they provide with the kit.

The trickiest part is getting the print itself! I would recommend waiting until your baby is asleep! 🙂

You can find this kit for $5 for a lifetime memory!


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