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Grinch Quilt

Mom got this quilt idea from http://www.jaybirdquilts.com/

She said there is a good tutorial on binding on the site as well.

Mom made two of these quilts, one for Dad and one for my husband. This quilt is a great size and super cute! My husband, baby and I can curl up in it with plenty of room.

This took her a couple weeks to finish and I know it was frustrating! Mainly because it was her first time quilting and she had to look up a lot of different quilting terms.

There are many pieces to this quilt and it takes patience, time and a heck of a lot of cutting!

I love how she did all of the decorative trim around each square, it must of taken awhile but it looks awesome.

She made my son Kyler a stocking with the left over material and it came out great!

You can purchase a quilt kit on amazon. She had to buy the backing material separately but Amazon had a lot of different Grinch prints to choose from.


Comments on: "Grinch Quilt" (3)

  1. I love this!! It’s good that someone is keeping an eye on her 😉

  2. I love love love! this is fantastic!

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