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Washable children’s paint

I love these Crayola finger paints! It comes out of anything with just water. My little one has a great time painting and I don’t worry about it covering him from head to toe knowing that it will easily come off.



I use his high chair food tray for a lot of things because it’s so easy to clean after. I think he enjoys blending the colors on the tray more than putting it on the paper.



I love doing simple things with him that make him so happy! Next I’m going to get a few canvases so that he can paint a few pictures for the new nursery.

Cute yummy snack

I found these delicious looking snacks on Pinterest where I find most of my ideas lately!
You can find assorted colored spoons at a dollar store I believe…

Baptism party ideas

We had our son baptized at my parents local church when we went to visit the east coast. It was a lovely ceremony with great people but we didn’t have much time to plan the party…
For our soon to be baby girl I’ve already started getting ideas to be prepared! Here are a few I like…



Co sleeping

Well our son is about 18 months and still in bed with us!
I thought I might be the only crazy one out there but thanks to Google it lets me know I’m not!
I hate to hear him cry so putting him in his crib is extra hard.
Today I tried moving time in his crib I see if maybe he would fall asleep to it which he didn’t. He did enjoy the crib though which is a great start.
My husband is the one pushing the issue of him sleeping in his own bed which is much like the other cases I’ve read.
I totally understand that he’s a big boy but a part of me says … He will only be little for such a short time and I love that he always wants his momma!
Any advice?


Pinterest family maternity photos I love

A few maternity pictures I love found on Pinterest!
I love looking at photography ideas before we have a photo session to try and work off others creativity.






We just had a family photo session and here are a few photographs from ours!..

I love the tin can idea which I found on Pinterest of course! I actually saw a toddler listening to the mommys tummy which was so adorable!
Here is a three photo idea that our photographer had… First I’m hiding wether or not its a girl then it shows me holding it’s a girl confetti and finally me blowing the confetti. I love that in mid air you can still make out that it says it’s a girl. Creative and I love it!



Photography done by a local Alaskan Erin Otness!

Hospital attire for delivery

We are due in October and knowing what we are in for the second time around I have outfits for my husband, toddler and I!
This is the gown I wore last time after delivery and will again this time.
Being at the hospital for two days I most definitely don’t want to be stuck in a paper gown!…

I got my husband a pair of I’m the daddy scrubs that are so cute! They can be found online on amazon or directly from their website http://www.daddyscrubs.com they also have other merchandise to chose from that make great personalized gifts!

We also got our toddler who will almost be two when the newborn arrives some toddler big brother scrubs. They are so cute and he and daddy will look adorable wearing theirs together. 🙂



I love personalized gifts and it helps daddy and toddler feel more involved.

Owl newborn photo prop hat

This is the first project Mom started on before we even knew if we were having a girl or boy.
As you can tell she was routing for a girl this time since we already have the perfect little boy.
I love this hat, too adorable!
This was one of the more easier patterns then what she’s been doing lately.

We can’t remember what site she found the patten on but here is a link to one that does have some…
Good luck with your hat if you decide to try!

Giraffe newborn photo prop hat and diaper cover

This is an adorable giraffe diaper cover and hat!
Here is a picture of the back…

I got the pattern from Beezy Mom’s Creations on Etsy and the yarn from Joann Fabric.
Here is a picture of the front…
Mom still needs to add buttons to the front of the diaper cover but that should be quick and easy for her.

I love the animal hat and diaper cover patterns and there will definitely be more to share soon!
Let’s see your photos if you give it a go! Thanks for reading. 🙂

From old table to new

My Mom had these old tables and decided they needed some revamping.

Both of these tables had an old “crackle” finish so she started out by using her handy dandy mouse sander.


She then painted them an off white which was leftover house paint I believe.

For the colors she used craft paint.

She never did seal it, but now that she’s using one as a night stand, she’s thinking of applying some sort of clear coat finish.


This is a great project, let us know if you try revamping one of your own old tables.

Thanks for reading!

Sesame street party inspired by pinterest

My sons birthday is still six month away but I’m already planning! He lives Elmo so Sesame Street seems the bet route to go.
I started by getting ideas from Pinterest and here are a few I found and absolutely love!



Sesame Street is so colorful and fun, you can even sneak in healthy snacks.




There are plenty of great ideas and I can’t wait to have the party!!!!!





I love Pinterest!
I’ll let you know how mine come out but go to Pinterest and type in Sesame Steeet party and you can find tutorials on everything there.
Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any ideas to add! 🙂

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