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Most used toys in our house

Right now these are the most played with toys in our house..
My 18 month old girl loves her stuffed puppies.
We live 2 hours away from the closest grocery store so going shopping is a big outing for us. We allow the kids to pick a small toy when we go and she always wants a stuffed puppy or kitten!
Her laugh and learn puppy is a huge hit. She shakes her booty and claps along with the songs! Her older brother even participates which makes her super happy.
This can be found here for $14.99!
Old navy soccer ball

We got this at an old navy store and she held it the rest of the shopping day, even in PetCo! ūüôā
And her leap frog shapes and sorting picnic basket which her brother plays along with too. They have picnics together and sort the different food shapes onto the right plates. They enjoy pretend food and this gets a lot of play time!

This can be found here for $16.2
My toddler boy is in love with lego duplos! He play with Legos the most and enjoys building different things. We normally buy them when we are at the bookstore which is pricey and I would recommend amazon! They have a lot of options, we started out with a little set that can be found here for under $20.

We got him a spray and rescue little tikes fire truck that can be purchased here for $76. It was cheaper back in December but I would say it’s still worth under $100. It will be a lot of fun when it’s summer and he can spray it outside…. Maybe even water the plants! ūüėČ

Recycle baby treat container


This idea is great for recycling baby food containers!

Turn the containers into a fun bowling game for your little ones.

Start by peeling off the labels.

Then simply add stickers or draw numbers on the containers.

Have fun!

Baptism party ideas

We had our son baptized at my parents local church when we went to visit the east coast. It was a lovely ceremony with great people but we didn’t have much time to plan the party…
For our soon to be baby girl I’ve already started getting ideas to be prepared! Here are a few I like…



Hospital attire for delivery

We are due in October and knowing what we are in for the second time around I have outfits for my husband, toddler and I!
This is the gown I wore last time after delivery and will again this time.
Being at the hospital for two days I most definitely don’t want to be stuck in a paper gown!…

I got my husband a pair of I’m the daddy scrubs that are so cute! They can be found online on amazon or directly from their website http://www.daddyscrubs.com they also have other merchandise to chose from that make great personalized gifts!

We also got our toddler who will almost be two when the newborn arrives some toddler big brother scrubs. They are so cute and he and daddy will look adorable wearing theirs together. ūüôā



I love personalized gifts and it helps daddy and toddler feel more involved.


So my son has loved his pacifier from day one! Some babies don’t like them and other love them! My son has his at all times!

Oh how paci has been my personal best friend for a year now! It seems to make him stop crying at the best moments. Although when he can’t find one he throws a baby temper tantrum until I do.

I’ve learned to always have a stock pile of pacifiers on hand and if I don’t the Frazier house is constantly looking for one. I feel like even though we have a million floaters I find my self saying, where in the world is his paci? Have you seen it?

STERILIZE: what you do to your first baby’s pacifier by boiling it and to your last baby’s pacifier by blowing on it.

Just recently we purchased self closing pacifiers!

Uniquely designed to help protect your baby. These new pacifiers close automatically when they are dropped, to prevent them from getting dirty. You can choose from Silicone or Latex.

They work great and I highly recommend them, no more worrying about how to clean it off when there isn’t a sink around, it stays clean for you!

Travel Toys We Like

Here are a few travel toys that we like…

I bought each of these toys for under $5 a piece!

The bunny is great because it’s also a teething toy, Kyler really seems to like it.

The giraffe is easy to hold and rattles as well.

The mobile is really cool because you can either attach it to your stroller or on the car window!

Every child prefers a certain toy more than others seem to but these are a few Kyler seems to enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course we have a million other things that we bring with us on trips but these seems to be the easiest/smallest and keep him occupied just fine.

Here is a link for baby travel toy ideas that may suit your little one…


Don’t be afraid!… Baby Mum-Mums

We were so apprehensive to give Kyler hard treats.

Not because we were scared of him getting blocked up but because they’re hard!

Maybe mainly becaus I was use to only giving him solids and that was the safe zone.

When we gave Kyler his first Baby Mum-Mum (rice biscuit) we tore it into a million small piece to make it easier to eat. This was totally unnecessary.

It’s like he’d been waiting for the treat, he knew exactly what to do!

Don’t be afraid but I’d still keep an eye on them while eating the treats. He did shove a lot in his mouth when he first started eating them, but a couple months later and he was a professional!

Here is some more valuable information on Baby-Mum-Mums… I’m a big fan!

Signs Your Baby Is Ready For Solid Foods

Signs of teething include increased chewing of toys, fingers and sides of cribs! Another sign of readiness is when your baby starts to use his pointer finger and thumb to pick objects up, which typically happens 7-9 months.

Since your baby does not have teeth yet, this is a great time to start on baby teething biscuits that dissolve easily.  Most pediatricians recommend starting with a single grain like rice as it is gluten free.  Other allergens to avoid in your baby’s first year include egg whites, wheat, citrus fruits, juices and peanuts.

Baby Mum-Mum Is A Good Choice for Growing Babies!

For a first solid food, Baby Mum-Mum is an excellent choice!¬† Simply put, it is a simple product that is gluten-free, egg-free and peanut-free, without any artificial additives and preservatives. ¬†When it comes to introducing solid food to a baby, these are great attributes.¬† Research shows what your baby eats now can impact her future health, so why take a chance with anything else?‚ÄĚ

Why Babies love Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

This year, over 100 million Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits will be enjoyed by teething babies just in the USA and Canada alone!  YOUR baby will also enjoy the great taste during meal and snack times.  In fact, many moms have told us their babies often eat more than one Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuit at a time!

These baby teething biscuits are sized perfectly for the small hand of your child to hold on to, which allows her to feed herself. As her ability to eat solid food and taste palette evolve, we recommend the Stage 2 rice biscuit ‚ÄstToddler Mum-Mum Rice Biscuit, a tasty and fun kid snack for toddlers.

Why Parents love Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

Parents LOVE the fact that these baby teething biscuits are made with premium Japonica rice and other simple, all natural ingredients (a fact that we take pride in).  Baby Mum-Mum is also a good food choice for an egg-free, peanut-free and gluten-free baby diet.

For busy moms on-the-go, they love the individual packaging for its convenience and optimum freshness.  Just drop a few packets in your bag before you head out and you’ll always have a healthy snack that your baby can enjoy at any time.

You can find Baby Mum-Mums online or at your local grocery store!


Bottles to Sippy Cups

Kyler is a professional with the bottle but when it came to sippy cups/cups with straws he seemed to have a leak! When he would drink from them liquid would be all over the front of his clothes some how. It turned out to be a huge mess so I would just give him his juice in a bottle.

Hey, I’m totally in for taking the easy way out!

He has just now (at a year of age) perfected the sippy cup/straw cups…

I’m not sure what was going on, maybe he would take in too much liquid at once, I really don’t know. The bottle of course comes out slower so I’m guessing that was the case.

We’re officially done with bottles!

It’s so funny to watch… he tilts his head back so far when drinking from the sippy cups!

Baby First TV

I love commercial free Baby First TV!

It has seven zones of shows, each are identified by color and learning strategy.

There are also a lot of apps that you can download that are associated with the shows. It’s so neat and keeps my son occupied in the perfect situations!

Here is a list of the zones and my favorite shows in each zone…

Imagination Lane-Pink

Mio Mao (Italian children’s show with cute cats)

Sensory Wonderland-Green

My At Home Gym (We do the gym everyday and it’s fun for baby and I to do together)

Peek-A-Boo, I See You!!! (My favorite, Kyler laughs so hard!)

Feelings Garden-Orange

Tec the Tractor (A UK program that’s about a tractor and farm he’s on)

Thinking Journey-Yellow

Dany & Dady (Dany draws a picture and Dady guesses it but is always wrong!)

Language Playground-Red

Hide and Seek (The hide an acorn and then you find it and clap, fun to interact)

I Can Sign (Teaching baby sign language)

VocabuLarry (Larry the talking bird makes learning words fun)

Numbers Parade-Blue

Numbers Farm (teaches counting in a fun farm way)

Rainbow Dreams-Rainbow Colored

Sandmad (so cool how many things you can do with sand!)

Carousel Dreams (great to watch near bedtime, things pop up and disappear around the carousel)

Check it out, I¬†guarantee¬†you’ll like it more than Nick Jr!

Musical Dinosaur

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Poppity Pop Muscial Dino

It’s so fun to watch Kyler chase these balls around. He hands them to me to throw in for him at times too.

They bounce out of control and all over the place most of the time but sometimes they go back in themselves.

He really enjoys this toy. I don’t like how he tries to chew on the balls but they’re too big to put into his mouth all the way so safe.

He likes to pull on the knob that’s stuck inside the bouncy hole, not too sure if that will cause him to break it or not but it keeps him occupied since it doesn’t come out!

You drop the balls down the dino’s back or throw them into the center and they either come out the top or out of the dino’s mouth.

This is a lot of fun to watch and play along with him.

You can find this toy at Amazon¬†for $35 which is the cheapest I’ve found so far.


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