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Newborn caterpillar photo prop

I’m so in love with this costume! I found it on etsy but asked my mom to make it for me instead!

She can now make things by looking at the picture which is totally awesome!

Our baby will only be a few days old once Halloween comes so thought this caterpillar costume would be perfect and cozy for her 🙂


I can’t wait to see how hers turns out and to put our sweet baby girl in it!

Newborn caterpillar costume

Crochet bear hat

Well we know this winter will be a warm, snuggly, adorable one for the babies!

Mom has made plenty of adorable has for her grandbabies.

Here is a bear hat that she just made for my brother’s soon to be son!


I think this hat is super adorable!!!!

She gets most of her yarn from Joanna fabric and a lot of patterns come from etsy or a google search.

I can’t remember where she said this pattern came from but if you’re interested leave a comment and I’ll be sure to figure it out!

Stuffed bear animal

Mom is knitting these adorable stuffed bears for each of her grandchildren.


She is using alpaca wool that she picked up from a renaissance fair in Virginia which will make for a super soft cuddly gift.

She got the pattern for this from allaboutyou.com.

I asked if it was difficult and she said the pattern had great directions.

She still wants to embroider a face and even knit a little jacket which would be super cute!


It sits about 5″ high so makes a perfect size for little ones!

Good luck if you give it a go!

Cupcake newborn photo prop hat

This cupcake hat makes me smile!

It super adorable and I can’t wait to have a princess to wear it!

Mom still needs to add sprinkles but i couldn’t wait to post!

She’s thinking of tiny rosebud flowers that she picked up awhile ago and doesn’t have a use for. I think it’s a perfect idea!


Again I bought this pattern from Beezy Mom’s Creations on Etsy.

The yarn was purchased from Joann fabric online using a coupon code!

Owl newborn photo prop hat

This is the first project Mom started on before we even knew if we were having a girl or boy.
As you can tell she was routing for a girl this time since we already have the perfect little boy.
I love this hat, too adorable!
This was one of the more easier patterns then what she’s been doing lately.

We can’t remember what site she found the patten on but here is a link to one that does have some…
Good luck with your hat if you decide to try!

Giraffe newborn photo prop hat and diaper cover

This is an adorable giraffe diaper cover and hat!
Here is a picture of the back…

I got the pattern from Beezy Mom’s Creations on Etsy and the yarn from Joann Fabric.
Here is a picture of the front…
Mom still needs to add buttons to the front of the diaper cover but that should be quick and easy for her.

I love the animal hat and diaper cover patterns and there will definitely be more to share soon!
Let’s see your photos if you give it a go! Thanks for reading. 🙂

Poppy newborn photo prop hat

Poppy prop hat.

I love the flower, ruffle, girly girl props most of all! Maybe because with my son flowers and ruffles are not an option!

This pattern is gorgeous and you may use any colors you want and I’m sure it would still come out great. I love the colors Mom chose to use!


This cute poppy hat pattern was purchased on Etsy from Beezy Mom’s Creations.
Let us know if you give it a try!

Ruffle headband and diaper cover newborn photo prop

This is probably my favorite photography prop so far!
I absolutely love the headband, so feminine and the matching ruffle diaper cover makes the perfect prop.

This is going to make for an adorable photograph.

I purchased this pattern on amazon for my kindle with automatic delivery for $3.99
You can also find this pattern on Etsy!

Reindeer newborn photo prop hat

We thought a reindeer hat would be perfect since we are having a winter baby!

This pattern along with most of the others was purchased from Beezy Mom’s Creations on Etsy for a great price!
The yarn was purchased from Joann fabric, the patten let’s you know which yarn she used which seems to be the best when copying hers.


Mom likes to add her own touch when she can and did this time by adding stuffing to the nose and antlers.
This gives the reindeer a more full and snuggly look!

Give it a try and let me see how yours turns out. We are here to help if needed!

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