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Quilling Tree

The quilling tree…

This is so very cute, I love it! I actually love everything Mom does and wish I was as artistic as she is!

She’s been rolling the marquis shapes for the leaves for several days while watching tv that way it’s easier to roll so many!

This is definitely a time consuming project but look how awesome it turned out!

The Marquise Shape…

This quilling shape is sometimes also referred to as the Marquise or Eye Shape in some quilling patterns create this quilling shape as you would the Loose Coil quilling shape and simply pinch both the glued side and the opposite side of the quilled coil Pinch first one side and then the other while holding the pinched points one in each hand. This helps encourage a more even quilled shape.


The Japanese kusudama (薬玉; lit. medicine ball) is a paper model that is usually (although not always) created by sewing multiple identical pyramidal units (usually stylized flowers folded from square paper) together through their points to form a spherical shape. Alternately the individual components may be glued together. (e.g. the kusudama in the lower photo is entirely glued, not threaded together) Occasionally, a tassel is attached to the bottom for decoration.

For this project you only need paper and glue!

Even though they look pretty intricate they’re fairly simple to make it just takes a little time.

There is a great tutorial on http://foldingtrees.com/2008/11/kusudama-tutorial-part-1/

Give it and try and let us know how yours turn out or if you have any ideas to add!

If you’d also like some additional challenging patterns go to http://kusudama.me/#/Victoria/Victoria-L/vict5

Paper Carnations

You can find a tutorial for this project at http://foldingtrees.com/2008/08/flower-week-tissue-paper-carnations/

Mom used coffee filters instead of tissue paper. The bottom circle of the coffee filters were the perfect size!

It’s cheaper that way because she buys coffee filters in bulk and uses them to clean the mirrors/windows in the house.

I love these flowers… they’re a cute decoration or even a long lasting gift! 🙂

Quilling Letters

My Mom’s been working on making each of us our own framed quilled first initial.

She started by making my son Kyler a K and my sister Jennifer a J! 🙂

They were both still being worked on when our lovely family dog Nitro accidentally sat on the J!

These are adorable and I love the look of them popping out of the frame.

This will take time but as does any other project mom gets herself into.

I can’t wait to post more of Mom’s awesome work, I totally love these letters… great idea!

With a snuggly cute face like Nitro’s you can’t be mad of course, so off to make a new J Mom goes!

Check out these quilled letters…. http://www.visualnews.com/2011/11/14/an-alphabet-of-ornate-quilled-typography/

There is a tutorial on http://www.craftastical.com/2010/05/tutorial-quilled-monogram-letter.html of how to quill monogrammed letters, give it a try it’s a terrific gift for someone or even yourself!

Valentine’s Day Card

I love this card! She made it for my son Kyler.

The smoke came out so well, I think she did an awesome job.

If you have extra time on your hands… Try making your own cards to handout this year or for you children to bring to school!

We joke because it’s sort of like the card Lisa gave to Ralph on the Simpsons. Too cute!

Recycled Book/Paper Folding

Was that book nothing like you thought it was going to be? Disappointed with the sequel? Consider turning your books into art!

I’ve found that my mom can recycle anything!

Instead of just having a bookshelf full of regular books add a few patterned books in between to spice it up! It’s a great way to incorporate art on your bookshelf.

There are lots of different folding options and many You Tube tutorials to help!

My favorite is the one she did that says READ… I think it’s super cute and looks great on the bookshelf!

Mom bought the basic tutorial to get started from http://rhymeswithmagicart.blogspot.com/ they also have some free patterns to choose from on that site as well!

There are some really cool ideas on this site as well… http://www.flickr.com/photos/bookofart/

Quilling – Gift Tags

Quilling Quilling Quilling…

Quilling seems to be this weeks project. Mom finds a new craft and gets the most out of it!

During the Renaissance, French and Italian nuns and monks used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items. Here are some holiday gift tags that she’s made by quilling.

  • To make the tag you can use a left over pricing tag as the base. If you don’t have a price tag simply cut one out from card stock and it will work just as well!
  • Then cover one side with paper of your choice and the other side with a different print/color if you wish.
  • Then quill a flower, petal and add a leaf! When rolling the flowers, roll them tight and let them uncoil a little before gluing and pinching to give them dimension.
  • Then tie a bow on the tag and you’re done!

The craft of quilling has become increasingly popular due to the low cost of the material. She got these gift tag ideas from www.theartofquilling.com. There are a lot of other creative ideas to check out on that site as well!



A type of ornamental handicraft involving the shaping of paper, fabric, or glass into delicate pleats or folds.

My mom most recently got into paper crafts. Quilling is her newest hobby and I love what she’s done!

Quilling is definitely not for everyone… I’m not a very patient person myself so quilling is a little frustrating to me. If I work on a piece and it comes unraveled for the third time I want to throw the kit across the room! My mother who has lots of patience (probably has something to do with raising seven kids) is awesome at quilling and really enjoys the crafts! If you’re not a natural it will just take practice!

You can buy a beginners quilling kit online at Amazon for under $20!! http://www.amazon.com/Quilled-Creations-Quilling-Kit-Beginner/dp/B000Y8Z9RC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326836454&sr=8-1

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