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Alaska Sea Life Center Visit

We are in Seward, Alaska on a weekend vacation and love it here!

It took us about seven hours with stopping a few times to get here from Healy, Alaska where we live.

The main thing in Seward that my husband wanted to do was fishing and he is currently on a half day salmon charter with Millers Landing.

This morning we went to the Sea Life Center for about two hours and had a fantastic time!

They have a little fishing boat to take your picture in a our son absolutely loved it and probably could of stayed there all day!


Kyler (our son) loved just about every part of the center and I would definitely recommend taking your little ones out to explore museums, zoos, aquariums etc whenever you have the chance.


Great views and lots to do in the center.

Kyler especially loved touching the different creatures they have in the two feel tanks which was so cool for all of us to experience.


All in all we had a wonderful time and we would definitely visit again!



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