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So my son has loved his pacifier from day one! Some babies don’t like them and other love them! My son has his at all times!

Oh how paci has been my personal best friend for a year now! It seems to make him stop crying at the best moments. Although when he can’t find one he throws a baby temper tantrum until I do.

I’ve learned to always have a stock pile of pacifiers on hand and if I don’t the Frazier house is constantly looking for one. I feel like even though we have a million floaters I find my self saying, where in the world is his paci? Have you seen it?

STERILIZE: what you do to your first baby’s pacifier by boiling it and to your last baby’s pacifier by blowing on it.

Just recently we purchased self closing pacifiers!

Uniquely designed to help protect your baby. These new pacifiers close automatically when they are dropped, to prevent them from getting dirty. You can choose from Silicone or Latex.

They work great and I highly recommend them, no more worrying about how to clean it off when there isn’t a sink around, it stays clean for you!


A swaddle is something you wrap your baby with to keep them cozy, secure and warm. 🙂

They are said to prevent colic, reduce SIDS concerns, ease fussiness, prevent scratching their faces, and making it easier to breast feed!

I did swaddle Kyler… I had to watch a tutorial because I couldn’t get it quite right! I soon became a professional at swaddling and loved it!

I hear that not all babies like to be swaddled but give it a try!

I love these organic swaddles, my cousin sent me one it had an adorable print and was super soft! http://www.adenandanais.com/shop/swaddles.aspx.

The picture of him wearing the polka dot swaddle in the swing (looking like a stuck silly lump :))  is from Babies R Us.

The picture of him with the organic cow swaddle is being used as a blanket when he’s a couple months old.

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A study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in May 2005 suggests that babies who are swaddled sleep better (have fewer spontaneous awakenings and fall back to sleep more quickly) and are more responsive to outside stimuli than babies who are not swaddled during sleep.

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