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My Pinterest fail

Well I volunteered to make the punch for my friends baby shower. I found the cutest idea on Pinterest…


Well when I put the blue packet of kool aid in it was actually red! Note to others… Just because the package is blue doesn’t mean the powder will be. That I thought would be ok… Boys are red too, it wasn’t pink!

Well then I added the ice cream which didn’t look foamy like the picture either. What’s going on?!?! At this point we couldn’t stop laughing at the fail.

Well the final touches were the floating ducks. Those didn’t float at all and kept going on their sides. Haha. My three year old kept saying… They’re dead, oh no, holy smokes!

We all did get a good laugh!


Gifting is my favorite


I try to be great at gifting.

To me someone’s reaction to a gift you spent time thinking about is the best.

I’m currently getting a baby shower basket ready for a friend who unexpectedly lost her husband a couple months ago. She’s about to have their first child.

I put together a basket I bought from michaels for her that includes…
A stuffed animal
Bed time bath
Nail polish (blue for boy)
Yogurt pretzels
Etsy monthly milestone cards
Month to month cards
Parenting magazine
Baby wipes
Free printed congrats card
Scented lotion and hand soap
Onesie cupcakes
Shutterfly custom photo baby book


These are the cupcake onesies. It’s four onesies, two pairs of socks, a cupcake box, four cupcake liners, tape and a ribbon!
You just roll the onesies with a sock sticking out of the top to make them look like cupcakes! It’s super easy and totally adorable!

The shutterfly book is my favorite. I put it together of pictures of her husband and her with cute sayings throughout. I added spots for her to add photos too such as months 1-4, first vacation, first haircut, baptism etc. I know she will appreciate this and can’t wait to see her face!

Thanks for reading!

Taco bueno-Michael Curtin


So my son has loved his pacifier from day one! Some babies don’t like them and other love them! My son has his at all times!

Oh how paci has been my personal best friend for a year now! It seems to make him stop crying at the best moments. Although when he can’t find one he throws a baby temper tantrum until I do.

I’ve learned to always have a stock pile of pacifiers on hand and if I don’t the Frazier house is constantly looking for one. I feel like even though we have a million floaters I find my self saying, where in the world is his paci? Have you seen it?

STERILIZE: what you do to your first baby’s pacifier by boiling it and to your last baby’s pacifier by blowing on it.

Just recently we purchased self closing pacifiers!

Uniquely designed to help protect your baby. These new pacifiers close automatically when they are dropped, to prevent them from getting dirty. You can choose from Silicone or Latex.

They work great and I highly recommend them, no more worrying about how to clean it off when there isn’t a sink around, it stays clean for you!

Bath Time!

Kyler use to absolutely hate the bath… I mean, who would like being stuck in a tiny tub with barely enough elbow room while someone throws water all over you and you sit in your dirty water!

Well now it’s hard to convince him it’s time to get out! He especially loves his bath toys that squirt water! He thinks it’s super silly when I get sprayed with one! 🙂 Happy baby equals happy momma!

 If you’re an online shopper you can find a lot of different bath toys and sets at amazon.com! If not then your local grocery store such as Fred Meyer/WalMart carries them for a great price too! http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=squirt+bath+toys&x=0&y=0

Activity Bouncer

Bouncy Bounce Bounce!

The reason this bouncer is so cool is that it has many different adjustable height levels to grow into! He’s a year old and still loves to be put in the bouncer.

We had guests over a little while ago and their 3 year old tried to climb into it! Now, I think that’s a little too big to be in a bouncer but just shows you that they don’t want to outgrow it!

I buy a lot of thing from Amazon… It’s where I seem to find the best deals! With having a Prime Membership I get 2 day shipping for free!


The jumper is going for $70 but you could find a cheaper model at WalMart as well.

Activity Mat

So first he started out using this to lay under and just stare at the different toys…

Then one day he started batting at the toys and using his feet to kick them. He would have a great time under there!

Once he could sit up he would try and pull them off or chew on them!

Now that he’s a year old he’s not too interested in it anymore. We actually put blankets ontop of it making a tunnel from one side to the other and he will crawl back and forth a million times laughing!

So all in all this is definitely a good buy too but I think a cheaper WalMart activity mat would of done the same thing as this Baby Einstein one.


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