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Tadoodles toddler painting

Tadoodles 18+ months


I have good and bad reviews for this one actually!

This is a super messy way of painting! I know I know… Painting with a toddler is always messy but I definitely think this is a huge pain to clean and play with.

My son had a great time as he does with anything that makes a mess so I can’t complain there but me as the cleaner upper don’t want to give it another go.

The station itself gets super messy fom missing the middle section and when he would press them too firmly it would splatter paint everywhere.

Personally I prefer paint brushes over these but everyone has their own opinions. šŸ™‚

Painting rocks


Today we decided to paint rocks!

This might sound silly but it was fun and cheap!


Kyler loves bringing a few rocks inside anyways so when I had him gather a few he was excited to help!


We used easy washable painting sponge tubes… I forget what they’re called at the moment. They’re also scented so he ends up with a few dots in his nose because he can’t resist the smell! šŸ™‚

This was a fun, mess free project that I could definitely see doing again if he wanted!


Stuffed bear animal

Mom is knitting these adorable stuffed bears for each of her grandchildren.


She is using alpaca wool that she picked up from a renaissance fair in Virginia which will make for a super soft cuddly gift.

She got the pattern for this from allaboutyou.com.

I asked if it was difficult and she said the pattern had great directions.

She still wants to embroider a face and even knit a little jacket which would be super cute!


It sits about 5″ high so makes a perfect size for little ones!

Good luck if you give it a go!

Switching to Cow’s Milk

Kyler didn’t want cows milk whatsoever! Maybe because breast milk is so sweet the cows couldn’t compare.

At Kyler’s 12 month check-up theĀ pediatricianĀ informed me that I could be Nesquik strawberry or chocolate powder into the milk.

Well, he didn’t like the strawberry at all either! I was a scardy cat and wasn’t quite ready to give him chocolate so kept trying the strawberry and plain every so often. Well a week went by and he still wouldn’t take it…

I tried the chocolate and it worked! I only added a tiny bit, it was barely discolored and he loved the milk.

Now he will drink the milk without chocolate and I’m only feeding him my milk at bed time… I still need to get out of doing this but it’s the only way to put him to sleep happy right now.

If you have an suggestions please feel free to help! šŸ™‚

There is a great section on weaning atĀ http://www.babycenter.com/weaning-from-breastfeeding.

Bottles to Sippy Cups

Kyler is a professional with the bottle but when it came to sippy cups/cups with straws he seemed to have a leak! When he would drink from them liquid would be all over the front of his clothes some how. It turned out to be a huge mess so I would just give him his juice in a bottle.

Hey, I’m totally in for taking the easy way out!

He has just now (at a year of age) perfected the sippy cup/straw cups…

I’m not sure what was going on, maybe he would take in too much liquid at once, I really don’t know. The bottle of course comes out slower so I’m guessing that was the case.

We’re officially done with bottles!

It’s so funny to watch… he tilts his head back so far when drinking from the sippy cups!



I miss being pregnant sometimes! Of course I love being a mommy more but being pregnant was so fun!

I got lucky and had a text book pregnancy and no sickness whatsoever!

I lost all of my baby weight within the first two months!

I can’t wait for baby number two… especially the hiccups and little kicks!

I think everyone should get maternity photos done if at all possible… It’s great looking back and remembering when you’re little one wasn’t even here yet! I feel in love with Kyler the first time I heard his heartbeat. Man, he stole my heart from day one!

I think for most Dad’s the feel their a Dad as soon as they see the first ultrasound or some right at the hospital upon little one’s arrival… But Mom’s, we’re the lucky ones. We get to have a special bond called pregnancy!

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