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Top five played with 2 year old toys under $25

This is a list of the top ten items I have purchased for my two year old.

He tends to play with something and then forget aboutitforawhile but these ten things get played with every if you can believe it!!

1. Discovery Kids Cardboard House



I actually bought mine on Amazon because I’m a prime member and get free shipping which is rare for Alaska but without prime it’s cheaper on Overstock.

My so loves this house! He especially loves if I scare him at the window and run to the door, silly of loves being scared and asks “one more time” a million times lol.
My husband is 6’2 and can sit up in the house just fine.
My only complaint is that it is big and takes up a lot of space but perfect if you have a play room!
Currently he has an Elmo toy organizer and Cars chair in his house.


2. Alex Little Hands Button Art



This is great because you place the buttons on the correct colors and he learns as he plays. He really enjoys this and announces the colors as he places them in the holes. It comes with 10 different pictures and the bottom is where you store your buttons while you’re not playing. It tides up well and I enjoy seeing him learn and play at the same time.


3. Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool Set



When Ky’s friends come over to play both boys and girls love this toy!
It’s neat because the drill actually works and goes in reverse as well.
The hammer can be a little annoying but what toddler doesn’t enjoy a little noise here and there, or always!


4. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight



This isn’t really a flashlight but he loves it. He puts a real flashlight in us eyes so this is more appropriate for him for now.

It’s a little loud but he enjoys pressing the few buttons it has so I’d say its great for being $12.99!

5. Crayola Washable Finger Paint



This is the best and most purchased of all in this house hold!
We love painting everything and anything. If you’re familiar with my blog you can see all the different times he has used this paint for many different things.
These tubes last awhile and cleanup so easily.
This is my favorite and his favorite!

“Cute Hat”

Kyler gets a lot of great comments when wearing this hat.

This animal hat is warm, cozy and looks so adorable!

Kyler doesn’t mind wearing the hat and even enjoys pulling on the strings. He normally rips his hat off as soon as I put it on but cooperates with this one. Maybe he knows it’s his chick magnet!

We went into the post office the other day and the nice lady up front made all of the other ladies in the back come out to check him out. It definitely adds to his super cuteness!

Everyone always asks where we got it from. My mother actually picked it up from a Kirkland store in Virginia. I just found a collection of them online but took a little searching. This hat can be purchased for about $30 from…


Grinch Quilt

Mom got this quilt idea from http://www.jaybirdquilts.com/

She said there is a good tutorial on binding on the site as well.

Mom made two of these quilts, one for Dad and one for my husband. This quilt is a great size and super cute! My husband, baby and I can curl up in it with plenty of room.

This took her a couple weeks to finish and I know it was frustrating! Mainly because it was her first time quilting and she had to look up a lot of different quilting terms.

There are many pieces to this quilt and it takes patience, time and a heck of a lot of cutting!

I love how she did all of the decorative trim around each square, it must of taken awhile but it looks awesome.

She made my son Kyler a stocking with the left over material and it came out great!

You can purchase a quilt kit on amazon. She had to buy the backing material separately but Amazon had a lot of different Grinch prints to choose from.

Christmas Ornament

This was a gift from my sister and I’m so grateful that she gave it to us! I would never of gotten it myself only because I have a million other things on my mind!

The foot part was easy but the hand was extra hard! Every time I tried to get his hand print he would curl those little fingers trying to take some for himself. As you can see on the middle picture it’s my hand print! haha… I ended up putting it against my hand and basically high-fiving him to get it to work. It came out ok but I really like how the foot came out.

The dough is super easy, it comes in a bag and you don’t have to mix it with anything! You just kneed it for a few minutes then roll it out with the simple roller they provide with the kit.

The trickiest part is getting the print itself! I would recommend waiting until your baby is asleep! 🙂

You can find this kit for $5 for a lifetime memory!


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