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Spring to do list

My spring to do list!

Paint a bird house.
We bought a new home in October and need a new bird house!

Fly a kite.
My husband has never flown a kite. No seriously, never. I promise to change this the next nice day we get!

Paint filled egg art
I was looking for something like balloon art but easy for a 1 and 3 year old and came across this unique technique here

Make a spring memory book
I found the idea here

Grow geodes from egg shells
I found here

Spring photo checklist
check it out


The best part is sharing it with these two.

Thanks for reading!
Taco bueno-Michael Curtin


My mom signed me up for a year of a monthly craft subscription. They had a promo of buy one get one free which was an excellent deal!

I’m still working on February’s project which is a necklace.


I am not artsy… I can barely recreate something even with supplies and picture in front of me. I could post a lot of the fail pictures from Pinterest but I’ll save myself the embarrassment.

I love this subscription because you can be a beginner and do the project basic which comes out great or look on their blog for more complex ways to do the project and challenge yourself.

If asked I would highly recommend this subscription! 🙂

The monthly subscription can be found here.


Blog Wagon


Hopping back on the blog wagon!

We moved to a new home and need some decor!

We will switch what’s in the frames each season.

It being spring we are doing spring like projects!

Once it’s time to change the art I will add to a binder full of their crafts!

This is the way I’ll organize them onto the kitchen wall.




I’ll post the other new crafts once we are done!

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