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New light fixture

We added a new light fixture to the kids room!


You have to put it together… Yes, it’s from ikea… how did you guess?

I actually bought it on amazon since we don’t have an ikea anywhere close to us.

We don’t have anything close to us actually! We drive 2 hours just to get to the grocery store!!!
Anyways, this took me about 20 minutes to make which I did on the way home from the post office.

We bought a pendant kit so that it could be on the ceiling instead of plugged into the wall.

I absolutely love it and makes the room look more modern! A great buy.


These are crocheted curtains using thread! Mom’s using them in her windows downstairs aka Dad’s Man Cave so you know they aren’t too girly!

This pattern must take awhile because she’s normally done in a flash! She’d been working on this for days, well putting it down and going back to it in between her many other projects. It was obviously worth the time though, I love the final look! It’s a fun, trendy pattern.

Try the pattern yourself follow the link…



My mom signed me up for a year of a monthly craft subscription. They had a promo of buy one get one free which was an excellent deal!

I’m still working on February’s project which is a necklace.


I am not artsy… I can barely recreate something even with supplies and picture in front of me. I could post a lot of the fail pictures from Pinterest but I’ll save myself the embarrassment.

I love this subscription because you can be a beginner and do the project basic which comes out great or look on their blog for more complex ways to do the project and challenge yourself.

If asked I would highly recommend this subscription! 🙂

The monthly subscription can be found here.


Spring crafts


We made these crafts using tissue paper.

One is a sheep and the other is a sky with flowers.

The sheep I drew a picture and then my three year old dipped the tissue in glue and placed them on the paper.

For the flowers I glued one color to green and then he glued them on the paper add white for clouds, yellow for the sun and blue for the sky.



Growing Gladiolus flowers

My parents planted Gladiolus this year and they have bloomed beautifully!

Mom says they take a lot of fussing over but they look terrific on the table.


My parents do what is called square foot gardening.

Everything is in raised beds.

They make their own soil.
1/3 peat, 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 aged manure.
They don’t use pesticide or fertilizer.

They hardly get any weeds and the plants love it.

This type of gardening is easy for them to work with.


They planted over 100 bulbs then found out they may need to dig up to winter in the cellar then replant in spring.

If you’re ok with the extra work these are definitely worth it!

Wooden Letters

I’m not the crafty one in the family but I decided I could paint wooden letters for my son’s room.

I bought these letters from Michael’s because they were on sale. I paid under $3 each letter so it’s a pretty cheap project!

I used acrylic paint and paintbrushes/sponges to paint the letters.

They dried very quickly and in my opinion came out great!

I bought a whole bunch of different colored paint but only ended up using the yellow and blue because I liked them best!

Here is a picture of the finished letters.

Give it a try! 🙂

Oh, and the only reason they aren’t hanging up yet is because I’m waiting for my husband to do it so they aren’t crooked! 🙂

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