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New sibling suggestions

Well we are expecting a baby girl in October! We are so super excited and hope our 18 month son will be too once he arrives.
Ky (our son) is my world and I spend every second of my day with him. I’m a crazy obsessed mom who even still has him sleeping in the bed! I know I know it’s crazy! I need to get him in his crib before her arrival or things will be too difficult.

Any suggestions?
I hate to hear him cry and feel bad because as soon as I put him in his crib for a trial he hates it. He will play in it during the day if I’m doing something like vacuuming his room or a quick chore but other than that he hates it and know I’ll take him out…
Yes an 18 month old has me wrapped around his tiny adorable finger.
Any suggestions in preparing him for a baby/sibling?

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