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Paper Carnations

You can find a tutorial for this project at http://foldingtrees.com/2008/08/flower-week-tissue-paper-carnations/

Mom used coffee filters instead of tissue paper. The bottom circle of the coffee filters were the perfect size!

It’s cheaper that way because she buys coffee filters in bulk and uses them to clean the mirrors/windows in the house.

I love these flowers… they’re a cute decoration or even a long lasting gift! 🙂

Eternity Flowers

These flowers are awesome because they last forever, are fun to make and look great!

Mom bought ugly dollar store flowers and tore off the flower itself… Just to have the stem and leaves.

Then she created the flowers out of an old dress… And by the pattern I’m happy you made it into a dress and aren’t wearing it anymore! 😉

The book vase is made by…

  • Cut off the cover of a book
  • Loosen the binding of the book
  • Create a vase template using card stock
  • Cut the book pages using your template
  • Glue the first page to the last page

There you have it, a simple way to make a charming decoration.

Note to husbands… This doesn’t get you out of giving flowers to your wife every so often!

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