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Tadoodles toddler painting

Tadoodles 18+ months


I have good and bad reviews for this one actually!

This is a super messy way of painting! I know I know… Painting with a toddler is always messy but I definitely think this is a huge pain to clean and play with.

My son had a great time as he does with anything that makes a mess so I can’t complain there but me as the cleaner upper don’t want to give it another go.

The station itself gets super messy fom missing the middle section and when he would press them too firmly it would splatter paint everywhere.

Personally I prefer paint brushes over these but everyone has their own opinions. 🙂

Sesame street party inspired by pinterest

My sons birthday is still six month away but I’m already planning! He lives Elmo so Sesame Street seems the bet route to go.
I started by getting ideas from Pinterest and here are a few I found and absolutely love!



Sesame Street is so colorful and fun, you can even sneak in healthy snacks.




There are plenty of great ideas and I can’t wait to have the party!!!!!





I love Pinterest!
I’ll let you know how mine come out but go to Pinterest and type in Sesame Steeet party and you can find tutorials on everything there.
Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any ideas to add! 🙂

Fun in the sun


When it’s a nice day outside that’s where you can find my mini and I!

He absolutely loves pointing and tweeting at the birds…
Picking up and throwing pebbles…
Handing mommy acorns from the ground…
Picking flowers/weeds…
Running around with our Saint Bernard…
His favorite is following a bug and I love the way he screams bug in excitement.
Really he enjoys anything outdoors and I enjoy being with him!

I load up on sunscreen as big spray and enjoy some vitamin d!!

Playground fun


The playground is a great place for parent and child!
My son absolutely loves the playground!
I still follow him everywhere and am at his side at all times of course because he could easily hurt himself but it just gives us something more to enjoy doing together!

We are lucky and have a wonderful local playground with plenty of options for all ages.


It’s nice to get our children outdoors as much as possible.
You can hangout with a few friends while your children play and it’s a win win day!

Quilling Letters

My Mom’s been working on making each of us our own framed quilled first initial.

She started by making my son Kyler a K and my sister Jennifer a J! 🙂

They were both still being worked on when our lovely family dog Nitro accidentally sat on the J!

These are adorable and I love the look of them popping out of the frame.

This will take time but as does any other project mom gets herself into.

I can’t wait to post more of Mom’s awesome work, I totally love these letters… great idea!

With a snuggly cute face like Nitro’s you can’t be mad of course, so off to make a new J Mom goes!

Check out these quilled letters…. http://www.visualnews.com/2011/11/14/an-alphabet-of-ornate-quilled-typography/

There is a tutorial on http://www.craftastical.com/2010/05/tutorial-quilled-monogram-letter.html of how to quill monogrammed letters, give it a try it’s a terrific gift for someone or even yourself!

Homemade Black/White Flash Cards

Mom got the idea of these cards from Wee Gallery Art Cards for Babies…

Kyler enjoys putting them in his mouth more than looking at them of course but it’s still a cute idea!

I go through the cards with him daily and I’d like to hope that he’s starting to recognize them. I haven’t really pressured him to try and pick out the apple when I say apple and so forth. Maybe that will be my task this week!

They’re a cute idea and if you’re artistic it will be easy for you to make yourself. It’s a great way to have fun while learning.

These can be purchased on Amazon for about $12


Or you can try making your own! 🙂

Christmas Ornament

This was a gift from my sister and I’m so grateful that she gave it to us! I would never of gotten it myself only because I have a million other things on my mind!

The foot part was easy but the hand was extra hard! Every time I tried to get his hand print he would curl those little fingers trying to take some for himself. As you can see on the middle picture it’s my hand print! haha… I ended up putting it against my hand and basically high-fiving him to get it to work. It came out ok but I really like how the foot came out.

The dough is super easy, it comes in a bag and you don’t have to mix it with anything! You just kneed it for a few minutes then roll it out with the simple roller they provide with the kit.

The trickiest part is getting the print itself! I would recommend waiting until your baby is asleep! 🙂

You can find this kit for $5 for a lifetime memory!



Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers with Animal Sounds

Kyler loves this toy! It’s great because it has so much going on at once. He gets distracted/bored easily of course but this toy keeps him entertained for awhile.

It comes with four figurines but other animals are sold separately.

That little red peg you see on the left bottom of the zoo structure is a place where you sit each animal on and it tells you the name of the animal and then makes the sound of that specific animal. It’s so cute and a great way to teach children the different types of animals.

It also has an easy to carry handle on top for your convenience!

I would most definitely recommend this to you, and I can’t wait to purchase the additional animals!

You can find this item on Amazon for about $30 which is a great price considering all of the different things it does!



This lovable peek-a-boo bear is adorable! My sister gave this to Kyler on Christmas and he immediately fell in love!

Everything from the snugly feel of the bear, to it’s sweet giggly voice is to die for! Kyler played peek-a-boo as soon as the bear started moving it’s arms up and down to play. It’s so fun watching him play with it… It only requires a few batteries and you’re set to go!

This bear can of course be found on Amazon!… Yes, I’m addicted to amazon and try and find everything on there first because they seem to have the best prices!


Activity Bouncer

Bouncy Bounce Bounce!

The reason this bouncer is so cool is that it has many different adjustable height levels to grow into! He’s a year old and still loves to be put in the bouncer.

We had guests over a little while ago and their 3 year old tried to climb into it! Now, I think that’s a little too big to be in a bouncer but just shows you that they don’t want to outgrow it!

I buy a lot of thing from Amazon… It’s where I seem to find the best deals! With having a Prime Membership I get 2 day shipping for free!


The jumper is going for $70 but you could find a cheaper model at WalMart as well.

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