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“Cute Hat”

Kyler gets a lot of great comments when wearing this hat.

This animal hat is warm, cozy and looks so adorable!

Kyler doesn’t mind wearing the hat and even enjoys pulling on the strings. He normally rips his hat off as soon as I put it on but cooperates with this one. Maybe he knows it’s his chick magnet!

We went into the post office the other day and the nice lady up front made all of the other ladies in the back come out to check him out. It definitely adds to his super cuteness!

Everyone always asks where we got it from. My mother actually picked it up from a Kirkland store in Virginia. I just found a collection of them online but took a little searching. This hat can be purchased for about $30 from…


Angora Scarf and Hat

The Angora Scarf and Hat…

My sister bought this super soft angora knitting wool for Mom on Christmas. The seller actually emailed a pattern for the hat and scarf after my sister purchased it from her.

The pattern is cute and the wool’s silky texture makes for a snugly feel. Mom said that it was sort of hard to work with but the soft feeling made it fun.

The hair of the rabbit is blended with wool. Don’t worry, the rabbits are not harmed in order to get their luscious fur coat!

You can find the wool/yarn in white, tan, gray, black or brown on her site… http://www.annyblatt.com/

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