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Chalkboard wall

I’ll start off by saying… Yes I know it’s not centered! 🙂 we are going to add a cup on the right side to hold chalk which will make up for the difference in space. 🙂


1. Tape off the size you want the board to be.
2. Paint on magnetic primer. I’d recommend three coats allow at least a half hour to dry in between each coat. (The primer takes a lot of stirring so have your hand ready to be in pain)
3. An hour after the last coast has dried add chalkboard paint. I did two coats with an hour in between the coats.
4. Allow 24 hours to dry completely then add your trim and you’re finished!

The final product!



These are crocheted curtains using thread! Mom’s using them in her windows downstairs aka Dad’s Man Cave so you know they aren’t too girly!

This pattern must take awhile because she’s normally done in a flash! She’d been working on this for days, well putting it down and going back to it in between her many other projects. It was obviously worth the time though, I love the final look! It’s a fun, trendy pattern.

Try the pattern yourself follow the link…


Our family rock garden

So the lovely husband and I decided that we needed a garden out front despite the fact that he says flowers come to our house to die since I have a black thumb! Or whatever the opposite of a green thumb is…

We have a huge creek close to the house called dry creek because there is rarely any water and is mostly rocks.

We took the toddler down and picked out rocks of all shapes and sizes.

My son and I played in the yard while my husband put the rock garden up very quickly!

It came out great, it’s a lot better than not having one and I love going in and out of the house seeing the flowers.

A part on the big garden is a little dipped down so needs a few more rocks but other than that it was a quick in project!


We want to our closest home depot in Fairbanks, AK and purchased soil and flowers.

There weren’t too many options for flowers that didn’t need much sunlight which is what we need for this location but that’s ok because we’re pleased with the outcome.


Daddy and toddler road around on the four wheeler while I planted our flowers as quick as possible because rain was about to come!

Our toddler loves the flowers and watching the bugs that come around them.

This was a great family project that we all had a lot of fun with… Who said yard work couldn’t be fun? 🙂

From old table to new

My Mom had these old tables and decided they needed some revamping.

Both of these tables had an old “crackle” finish so she started out by using her handy dandy mouse sander.


She then painted them an off white which was leftover house paint I believe.

For the colors she used craft paint.

She never did seal it, but now that she’s using one as a night stand, she’s thinking of applying some sort of clear coat finish.


This is a great project, let us know if you try revamping one of your own old tables.

Thanks for reading!

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