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Bacon “BROquet”

I called Mom and asked what Dad got her for Valentine’s Day and vise versa… Well one of her creative gifts was a bacon bouquet!

I’d never heard of such a thing but a hit with the guys indeed!

Mom just rolled thick bacon and put each roll in a muffin cup and baked for 20 minutes!!


I also found another way to do this… but seems pretty complicated compared to Mom’s way!…


Sarah Tisdale’s Bacon Broquet, Baked From the Heart

1 package delicious bacon (thin or thick both work well)
1 package bamboo skewers
some thin skewers you can break
1 or 2 mini muffin tins (varies depending on if you want to make a traditional dozen or go big)
slotted broiler pan
parchment paper
some sort of tough ribbon

Start with good intentions. Don’t do it if it’s not what you feel is right in your heart. Bacon should evoke a visceral reaction within you and within your intended recipient, for greatest maximum impact.

Pick out your bacon. I look for the cuts that have the most meat and less fat.

Prepare your muffin tins. Use the hammer and nail to puncture a hole or two in the bottom of each cup. Then set the pans on top of the broiler pan. This allows the fat to drain out while the rosettes are baking.

Preheat your oven to about 350-375 degrees.

Open up your package of bacon and take a moment to bask in its raw beautiful pink glory. Take one strip and roll it up like a scroll and insert it into the mini muffin tin. You can pull the center of the bacon roll out slightly here if you want to make it a little more stylin’ but no worries, it will look great as is. Repeat until muffin tin is full.

Put the whole thing in the oven and bake it until it’s done. Watch it to make sure it doesn’t burn. When it looks dark pink take it out and let it cool a bit. Be careful: the grease will burn you if you spill it.

Take the roses out of the tins and set them on the broiler pan. if they aren’t cooked enough put them back in minus the muffin tin for a few minutes. You dont want to overcook them, or you wont be able to skewer the stems.

Use the fatter skewers as the stems and poke one into each rose. next, use the little skewers to poke the roses together in a bouquet style.

Wrap the whole thing in waxed or parchment paper and then foil (to give it structure and hold it together) and tie it off with a ribbon.

Take a photo of your bacon bouquet.

Hand deliver with a card and smile expressing your unconditional love for the boy (or girl) and bacon. Prepare yourself for an instant marriage proposal on the spot and/or to be ignored for 10-30 minutes as the recipient freaks out over how awesome the bouquet is and starts eating.

Heart Pillow

Here is a great Valentine gift for a loved one!

Mom found this heart pillow pattern at http://www.caron.com/projects/ss/ss_i_love_u_heart.html. She used the knitting pattern and just left the pocket off!

Super cute and comfy cozy gift!

Give it a try, and if you add the pocket… you can stick in a special Valentine card.

Quilling Letters

My Mom’s been working on making each of us our own framed quilled first initial.

She started by making my son Kyler a K and my sister Jennifer a J! ūüôā

They were both still being worked on when our lovely family dog Nitro accidentally sat on the J!

These are adorable and I love the look of them popping out of the frame.

This will take time but as does any other project mom gets herself into.

I can’t wait to post more of Mom’s awesome work, I totally love these letters… great idea!

With a snuggly cute face like Nitro’s you can’t be mad of course, so off to make a new J Mom goes!

Check out these quilled letters….¬†http://www.visualnews.com/2011/11/14/an-alphabet-of-ornate-quilled-typography/

There is a tutorial on¬†http://www.craftastical.com/2010/05/tutorial-quilled-monogram-letter.html¬†of how to quill monogrammed letters, give it a try it’s a terrific gift for someone or even yourself!

Baby Quilt

Mom had this material for DECADES!

She’d had it since we were children but with seven of us running around, quilting was not on her priority list!

She made this adorable quilt for my son Kyler and used old material (material she had from making a nighty for Grandma I think) for the binding. The back is flannel which gives it a warm and cozy feel.

I’m attaching a link for a free baby quilt pattern/tutorial.


Almost every city has a Quilting Guild.

Look in your local phone book and give them a call.

Quilters love sharing what they know and can steer you in the right direction for classes.

Some fabric stores also offer lessons themselves!


These are crocheted curtains using thread! Mom’s using them in her windows downstairs aka Dad’s Man Cave so you know they aren’t too girly!

This pattern must take awhile because she’s normally done in a flash! She’d been working on this for days, well putting it down and going back to it in between her many other projects. It was obviously worth the time though, I love the final look! It’s a fun, trendy pattern.

Try the pattern yourself follow the link…


Baby Tag Toy

This is a toy my mom made from scrap material in her crazy craft room and my son absolutely loves it!

http://www.joyshope.com/2009/05/baby-crinkle-square-tutorial.html Follow the link for an easy tutorial.

She put plastic under each animal for a crinkly texture and sound which is his favorite part!

Monkey Hat

Mom made this matching Daddy/Baby Monkey hats! They’re too cute! He’s a year old now and it fits him perfectly! We get a lot of comments when he wears this hat, it’s a hit!

She purchased this pattern but you can get free patterns from a lot of different sites…¬†http://www.favecrafts.com/Crochet-for-Baby/Baby-Crochet-Monkey-Hat#¬†has a couple different ones to chose from that are cute as well!

Baby Bunny

Mom crochet a huge bunny for my son Kyler. He loves to drag this big animal around!

This bunny has a little story… When my mom flew to Alaska to visit us her luggage got lost… of course. Well the attendant asked, what will be in the luggage? She said… “You can’t miss it, a huge crochet bunny!” The man sort of look at her like she was nuts for carrying around a¬†crochet bunny but sure enough the luggage was located bunny and all. Now bunny is one of Kyler’s favorite toys!

I personally would make the bunny a little smaller than this one only because he seems to want to bring it with him on trips and I end up being the one carrying it around! ūüôā

http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/bunnies_rabbits.php Follow this link, they have a lot of free bunny patterns, go ahead and give one a try!

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