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Diy toddler bed

Ok so it was time to upgrade from crib to toddler bed. We didn’t buy a convertible crib so wanted to make our own.

I got the original bed design


The only reason I didn’t do that exact design is because birch wood is expensive!
My husband made it out of plywood which is a lot cheaper. Thank goodness for a handyman.

I then added batting to the bed and put extra cushion on all the corners.


Finally added chevron print which took five yards! I got it on sale at joanns for 2.99/yard plus 50% off coupon!

We made the bed longer than the other design as well with extra padding below because my kids always want to sleep with toys! It’s also perfect for their stars night lights and what not.

My daughters was done in pink and blue and our sons done with orange and green!


My kids have been sleeping with me since day one and it’s a hard habit to break for this crazy momma but I’m happy that they love their beds!


Thanks for reading!

Painting rocks


Today we decided to paint rocks!

This might sound silly but it was fun and cheap!


Kyler loves bringing a few rocks inside anyways so when I had him gather a few he was excited to help!


We used easy washable painting sponge tubes… I forget what they’re called at the moment. They’re also scented so he ends up with a few dots in his nose because he can’t resist the smell! 🙂

This was a fun, mess free project that I could definitely see doing again if he wanted!


Jaquard bunny

This is a cute baby stuffed animal that my little ones will absolutely love! Mom has been making and mailing things for our little one who isn’t here yet and our toddler claims it all for him as soon as it arrives! She will have to start making two of everything. 🙂


For this project Mom got the yarn on sale at Michaels.

You can find the pattern for this at http://www.bernat.com/product.php?P=1&LGC=babyjacquards

She ended up running out of yarn so used a pink and while yarn to finish the sides. She’a also thinking of embroidering a face on the bunny which would be cute but I think it’s fine without one.

Cute yummy snack

I found these delicious looking snacks on Pinterest where I find most of my ideas lately!
You can find assorted colored spoons at a dollar store I believe…

Fun in the sun


When it’s a nice day outside that’s where you can find my mini and I!

He absolutely loves pointing and tweeting at the birds…
Picking up and throwing pebbles…
Handing mommy acorns from the ground…
Picking flowers/weeds…
Running around with our Saint Bernard…
His favorite is following a bug and I love the way he screams bug in excitement.
Really he enjoys anything outdoors and I enjoy being with him!

I load up on sunscreen as big spray and enjoy some vitamin d!!

Playground fun


The playground is a great place for parent and child!
My son absolutely loves the playground!
I still follow him everywhere and am at his side at all times of course because he could easily hurt himself but it just gives us something more to enjoy doing together!

We are lucky and have a wonderful local playground with plenty of options for all ages.


It’s nice to get our children outdoors as much as possible.
You can hangout with a few friends while your children play and it’s a win win day!

Hamburger and Accessories

Mom made these hamburgers and parts for our little cousin. She added them to her kitchen set and enjoys playing with them and pretending to make everyone lunch!

I love the food items because they’re soft and fun!

Here is a link to a lot of different food patterns to try!


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