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My brain and my husbands brain

In the shower I was thinking about my roof. I know odd but the shower is where I do a lot of my brain storming. It’s actually where I came up with Annabella to name our daughter.
I decided that something with my brain tells me changing diapers isn’t bad while my husbands brain never thinks of it. Just like me working on the roof never crosses my mind but it does my husbands.
Not that it’s my duty to talk care of the kids and his to maintain the house it’s just how it works out.
Just an odd shower brainstorming that I wanted to share!
Thanks for reading!


About Me…

I’m a stay at home mom in the middle of nowhere Alaska.

I’m currently taking online classes for accounting and medical transcription.

I have a son named Kyler who is now a year old and growing into an even more handsome fellow by the day!

Becoming a Mom is a terrific feeling! I honestly didn’t know I was ready to be a Mom until the day came and everything seemed almost natural!

Of course I had a million questions and even more concerns but all in all I’m a great mom and I know it!

I might not do everything by the book but that doesn’t mean anything. A book can’t tell you everything right?

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