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Paper Carnations

You can find a tutorial for this project at http://foldingtrees.com/2008/08/flower-week-tissue-paper-carnations/

Mom used coffee filters instead of tissue paper. The bottom circle of the coffee filters were the perfect size!

It’s cheaper that way because she buys coffee filters in bulk and uses them to clean the mirrors/windows in the house.

I love these flowers… they’re a cute decoration or even a long lasting gift! ūüôā

Recycled Book/Paper Folding

Was that book nothing like you thought it was going to be? Disappointed with the sequel? Consider turning your books into art!

I’ve found that my mom can recycle anything!

Instead of just having a bookshelf full of regular books add a few patterned books in between to spice it up! It’s a great way to incorporate art on your bookshelf.

There are lots of different folding options and many You Tube tutorials to help!

My favorite is the one she did that says READ… I think it’s super cute and looks great on the bookshelf!

Mom bought the basic tutorial to get started from http://rhymeswithmagicart.blogspot.com/ they also have some free patterns to choose from on that site as well!

There are some really cool ideas on this site as well…¬†http://www.flickr.com/photos/bookofart/

Quilling – Gift Tags

Quilling Quilling Quilling…

Quilling seems to be this weeks project. Mom finds a new craft and gets the most out of it!

During the Renaissance, French and Italian¬†nuns and monks used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items.¬†Here are some holiday gift tags that she’s made by quilling.

  • To make the tag you can¬†use a left over pricing tag as the base. If you don’t have a price tag simply cut one out from card stock and it will work just as well!
  • Then cover one side with paper of your choice and the other side with a different print/color if you wish.
  • Then quill a flower, petal and add a leaf! When rolling the flowers, roll them tight and let them uncoil a little before gluing and pinching to give them dimension.
  • Then tie a bow on the tag and you’re done!

The craft of quilling has become increasingly popular due to the low cost of the material. She got these gift tag ideas from www.theartofquilling.com. There are a lot of other creative ideas to check out on that site as well!

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