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My brain and my husbands brain

In the shower I was thinking about my roof. I know odd but the shower is where I do a lot of my brain storming. It’s actually where I came up with Annabella to name our daughter.
I decided that something with my brain tells me changing diapers isn’t bad while my husbands brain never thinks of it. Just like me working on the roof never crosses my mind but it does my husbands.
Not that it’s my duty to talk care of the kids and his to maintain the house it’s just how it works out.
Just an odd shower brainstorming that I wanted to share!
Thanks for reading!


Wagon Wheel Treats

Graduates Finger Foods-Wagon Wheels

These are puffed grain treats with real apples. They’re great for little ones learning how to self-feed.

Kyler wouldn’t eat these treats for awhile. I finally tried to give him one again a couple months later and he loved it! Maybe it was because he enjoys other treats more he didn’t want to waste his time with these.

Now he’s excited to have these and they take awhile for him to finish so it keeps him busy!

These are perfect for on the go!

I bought the Parent’s Choice little wheels and he seems to like them just as much as the Graduates.

Your toddler is ready for these treats when they walk independently, uses fingers to self feed and begin to explore utensils, is familiar with eating solid food and bites easily through a variety of textures.

Graduates and Parent’s Choice treats can be found in your local grocery store for a reasonable price!

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