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My Pinterest fail

Well I volunteered to make the punch for my friends baby shower. I found the cutest idea on Pinterest…


Well when I put the blue packet of kool aid in it was actually red! Note to others… Just because the package is blue doesn’t mean the powder will be. That I thought would be ok… Boys are red too, it wasn’t pink!

Well then I added the ice cream which didn’t look foamy like the picture either. What’s going on?!?! At this point we couldn’t stop laughing at the fail.

Well the final touches were the floating ducks. Those didn’t float at all and kept going on their sides. Haha. My three year old kept saying… They’re dead, oh no, holy smokes!

We all did get a good laugh!


Cute yummy snack

I found these delicious looking snacks on Pinterest where I find most of my ideas lately!
You can find assorted colored spoons at a dollar store I believe…

Sesame street party inspired by pinterest

My sons birthday is still six month away but I’m already planning! He lives Elmo so Sesame Street seems the bet route to go.
I started by getting ideas from Pinterest and here are a few I found and absolutely love!



Sesame Street is so colorful and fun, you can even sneak in healthy snacks.




There are plenty of great ideas and I can’t wait to have the party!!!!!





I love Pinterest!
I’ll let you know how mine come out but go to Pinterest and type in Sesame Steeet party and you can find tutorials on everything there.
Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any ideas to add! 🙂

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