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Okay, so I’ve merged the blog I made for my mom with this one.

Look under What’s Gaga Up To to find cool crafts/projects.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Quilling Tree

The quilling tree…

This is so very cute, I love it! I actually love everything Mom does and wish I was as artistic as she is!

She’s been rolling the marquis shapes for the leaves for several days while watching tv that way it’s easier to roll so many!

This is definitely a time consuming project but look how awesome it turned out!

The Marquise Shape…

This quilling shape is sometimes also referred to as the Marquise or Eye Shape in some quilling patterns create this quilling shape as you would the Loose Coil quilling shape and simply pinch both the glued side and the opposite side of the quilled coil Pinch first one side and then the other while holding the pinched points one in each hand. This helps encourage a more even quilled shape.

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