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Baby Quilt

Mom had this material for DECADES!

She’d had it since we were children but with seven of us running around, quilting was not on her priority list!

She made this adorable quilt for my son Kyler and used old material (material she had from making a nighty for Grandma I think) for the binding. The back is flannel which gives it a warm and cozy feel.

I’m attaching a link for a free baby quilt pattern/tutorial.


Almost every city has a Quilting Guild.

Look in your local phone book and give them a call.

Quilters love sharing what they know and can steer you in the right direction for classes.

Some fabric stores also offer lessons themselves!

Grinch Quilt

Mom got this quilt idea from http://www.jaybirdquilts.com/

She said there is a good tutorial on binding on the site as well.

Mom made two of these quilts, one for Dad and one for my husband. This quilt is a great size and super cute! My husband, baby and I can curl up in it with plenty of room.

This took her a couple weeks to finish and I know it was frustrating! Mainly because it was her first time quilting and she had to look up a lot of different quilting terms.

There are many pieces to this quilt and it takes patience, time and a heck of a lot of cutting!

I love how she did all of the decorative trim around each square, it must of taken awhile but it looks awesome.

She made my son Kyler a stocking with the left over material and it came out great!

You can purchase a quilt kit on amazon. She had to buy the backing material separately but Amazon had a lot of different Grinch prints to choose from.

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