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Spring crafts


We made these crafts using tissue paper.

One is a sheep and the other is a sky with flowers.

The sheep I drew a picture and then my three year old dipped the tissue in glue and placed them on the paper.

For the flowers I glued one color to green and then he glued them on the paper add white for clouds, yellow for the sun and blue for the sky.




We recently got a blow up 5 foot wide pool for our son who is now almost 18 months!
He absolutely loves playing in the pool on a hot day and hates to get out.

He normally doesn’t wear a shirt with his swim trunks but he had a lot of sun this day so I put one on for comfort.
As you can see the pool is new and we haven’t gotten pool toys yet so I improvised using a couple kitchen gadgets! He is playing with a strainer, sippy cups and a few measuring cups which he is thoroughly enjoying!
He actually ends up drinking a lot of the water so I encourage him to take his pacifier in with him so he doesn’t drink as much!
He loves to jump out and give me a hug to cool me off and get right back in and do it again.
I try and teach him to blow bubbles under water but think its a little ok early for that.
Put a little sun screen and bug spray on… Get outside, enjoy the sun and have some fun! 🙂

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