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Stuffed bear animal

Mom is knitting these adorable stuffed bears for each of her grandchildren.


She is using alpaca wool that she picked up from a renaissance fair in Virginia which will make for a super soft cuddly gift.

She got the pattern for this from allaboutyou.com.

I asked if it was difficult and she said the pattern had great directions.

She still wants to embroider a face and even knit a little jacket which would be super cute!


It sits about 5″ high so makes a perfect size for little ones!

Good luck if you give it a go!

Angora Scarf and Hat

The Angora Scarf and Hat…

My sister bought this super soft angora knitting wool for Mom on Christmas. The seller actually emailed a pattern for the hat and scarf after my sister purchased it from her.

The pattern is cute and the wool’s silky texture makes for a snugly feel. Mom said that it was sort of hard to work with but the soft feeling made it fun.

The hair of the rabbit is blended with wool. Don’t worry, the rabbits are not harmed in order to get their¬†luscious fur coat!

You can find the wool/yarn in white, tan, gray, black or brown on her site…¬†http://www.annyblatt.com/

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