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Building Blocks

At Kyler’s check-up they asked if he stacks things yet… Well he hadn’t so I was worried that he was behind so started trying as soon as we got home! Of course he’s not behind so don’t worry if your child is one and isn’t doing this yet!

My sister Tiffany got him stacking blocks for Christmas and he loves them!

He enjoys when I stack them and he can knock them over most of all but he will stack three on top of each other… They normally aren’t stable but he does a great job!

He loves to bang the blocks together as well! He loves to share and gives me a block to stack with him. 🙂

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12-18 Months

Develop better fine motor skills and coordination. Most toddlers are quite content to scribble with crayon on paper (and anything else that happens to be in the vicinity), to stack blocks instead of just banging them together, and use utensils when eating. All these skills take practice, so be sure to give your toddler plenty of opportunity to do so, and don’t expect perfection in the days or weeks to come.

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