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Most used toys in our house

Right now these are the most played with toys in our house..
My 18 month old girl loves her stuffed puppies.
We live 2 hours away from the closest grocery store so going shopping is a big outing for us. We allow the kids to pick a small toy when we go and she always wants a stuffed puppy or kitten!
Her laugh and learn puppy is a huge hit. She shakes her booty and claps along with the songs! Her older brother even participates which makes her super happy.
This can be found here for $14.99!
Old navy soccer ball

We got this at an old navy store and she held it the rest of the shopping day, even in PetCo! 🙂
And her leap frog shapes and sorting picnic basket which her brother plays along with too. They have picnics together and sort the different food shapes onto the right plates. They enjoy pretend food and this gets a lot of play time!

This can be found here for $16.2
My toddler boy is in love with lego duplos! He play with Legos the most and enjoys building different things. We normally buy them when we are at the bookstore which is pricey and I would recommend amazon! They have a lot of options, we started out with a little set that can be found here for under $20.

We got him a spray and rescue little tikes fire truck that can be purchased here for $76. It was cheaper back in December but I would say it’s still worth under $100. It will be a lot of fun when it’s summer and he can spray it outside…. Maybe even water the plants! 😉

Top five played with 2 year old toys under $25

This is a list of the top ten items I have purchased for my two year old.

He tends to play with something and then forget aboutitforawhile but these ten things get played with every if you can believe it!!

1. Discovery Kids Cardboard House



I actually bought mine on Amazon because I’m a prime member and get free shipping which is rare for Alaska but without prime it’s cheaper on Overstock.

My so loves this house! He especially loves if I scare him at the window and run to the door, silly of loves being scared and asks “one more time” a million times lol.
My husband is 6’2 and can sit up in the house just fine.
My only complaint is that it is big and takes up a lot of space but perfect if you have a play room!
Currently he has an Elmo toy organizer and Cars chair in his house.


2. Alex Little Hands Button Art



This is great because you place the buttons on the correct colors and he learns as he plays. He really enjoys this and announces the colors as he places them in the holes. It comes with 10 different pictures and the bottom is where you store your buttons while you’re not playing. It tides up well and I enjoy seeing him learn and play at the same time.


3. Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool Set



When Ky’s friends come over to play both boys and girls love this toy!
It’s neat because the drill actually works and goes in reverse as well.
The hammer can be a little annoying but what toddler doesn’t enjoy a little noise here and there, or always!


4. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight



This isn’t really a flashlight but he loves it. He puts a real flashlight in us eyes so this is more appropriate for him for now.

It’s a little loud but he enjoys pressing the few buttons it has so I’d say its great for being $12.99!

5. Crayola Washable Finger Paint



This is the best and most purchased of all in this house hold!
We love painting everything and anything. If you’re familiar with my blog you can see all the different times he has used this paint for many different things.
These tubes last awhile and cleanup so easily.
This is my favorite and his favorite!

Tadoodles toddler painting

Tadoodles 18+ months


I have good and bad reviews for this one actually!

This is a super messy way of painting! I know I know… Painting with a toddler is always messy but I definitely think this is a huge pain to clean and play with.

My son had a great time as he does with anything that makes a mess so I can’t complain there but me as the cleaner upper don’t want to give it another go.

The station itself gets super messy fom missing the middle section and when he would press them too firmly it would splatter paint everywhere.

Personally I prefer paint brushes over these but everyone has their own opinions. 🙂

Painting rocks


Today we decided to paint rocks!

This might sound silly but it was fun and cheap!


Kyler loves bringing a few rocks inside anyways so when I had him gather a few he was excited to help!


We used easy washable painting sponge tubes… I forget what they’re called at the moment. They’re also scented so he ends up with a few dots in his nose because he can’t resist the smell! 🙂

This was a fun, mess free project that I could definitely see doing again if he wanted!


Washable children’s paint

I love these Crayola finger paints! It comes out of anything with just water. My little one has a great time painting and I don’t worry about it covering him from head to toe knowing that it will easily come off.



I use his high chair food tray for a lot of things because it’s so easy to clean after. I think he enjoys blending the colors on the tray more than putting it on the paper.



I love doing simple things with him that make him so happy! Next I’m going to get a few canvases so that he can paint a few pictures for the new nursery.

Baptism party ideas

We had our son baptized at my parents local church when we went to visit the east coast. It was a lovely ceremony with great people but we didn’t have much time to plan the party…
For our soon to be baby girl I’ve already started getting ideas to be prepared! Here are a few I like…



Co sleeping

Well our son is about 18 months and still in bed with us!
I thought I might be the only crazy one out there but thanks to Google it lets me know I’m not!
I hate to hear him cry so putting him in his crib is extra hard.
Today I tried moving time in his crib I see if maybe he would fall asleep to it which he didn’t. He did enjoy the crib though which is a great start.
My husband is the one pushing the issue of him sleeping in his own bed which is much like the other cases I’ve read.
I totally understand that he’s a big boy but a part of me says … He will only be little for such a short time and I love that he always wants his momma!
Any advice?


Sesame street party inspired by pinterest

My sons birthday is still six month away but I’m already planning! He lives Elmo so Sesame Street seems the bet route to go.
I started by getting ideas from Pinterest and here are a few I found and absolutely love!



Sesame Street is so colorful and fun, you can even sneak in healthy snacks.




There are plenty of great ideas and I can’t wait to have the party!!!!!





I love Pinterest!
I’ll let you know how mine come out but go to Pinterest and type in Sesame Steeet party and you can find tutorials on everything there.
Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any ideas to add! 🙂

Toddler snacks inspired by pinterest

Hello my name is Samantha and I’m addicted to Pinterest!!
I love finding fun snack ideas for my toddler and here are a few I love!…

My son is allergic to peanut butter but for those of you who have ones without allergies this is a fun way to eat your snack.

This hungry caterpillar is adorable and helps encourage your little ones to eat a healthy snack!

Cute and deliciously eggs, a really great Easter idea!

Strawberries are delicious but with this excellent toppings and a stick to hold it makes for a fun and amazing snack!
Pinterest has many ideas these are just a few that caught my eye right off the bat! Also these next two photos would be great for play group/party/get together… Let me in on some cool snack ideas if you have any! 🙂



Fun in the sun


When it’s a nice day outside that’s where you can find my mini and I!

He absolutely loves pointing and tweeting at the birds…
Picking up and throwing pebbles…
Handing mommy acorns from the ground…
Picking flowers/weeds…
Running around with our Saint Bernard…
His favorite is following a bug and I love the way he screams bug in excitement.
Really he enjoys anything outdoors and I enjoy being with him!

I load up on sunscreen as big spray and enjoy some vitamin d!!

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