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Walk and Ride

Playskool Step Start Walk Ride

We got Kyler this walk/ride toy for his birthday. If it weren’t for that paci in his mouth he would be cheesing!

He has a great time on this toy! He’s likes to sit on it but not move, it’s also a little hard for him to dismount. He will enjoy this toy more when he’s a little older.

He prefers to walk the toy around rather than ride. He bumps into everything of course but finds his way around things!

It’s so cool that it has so many things for him to play with on the front and back! I hide his paci in the front compartment and he thinks it’s the silliest thing ever!

Sears has the best deal I can find for under $20! You could also try a Once Upon a Child store, if you’re looking for used products!


Comments on: "Walk and Ride" (2)

  1. My son has one but wont use it. He use it to store food for him and the dog.

  2. WhatsMomUpTo said:

    Too cute! Does he push it or doesn’t want anything to do with it at all? Kids are too funny! They’d rather have the box it came in! What kind of dog do you have? We have a Saint Bernard… her and my son are best friends!

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