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Car Seat Cover

I highly recommend a car seat cover.

It’s adorable to peek through the little hole at them and they’re very practical.

This blanket style design replaces huge jackets and loose blankets!

This weather resistant cover is perfect for sun, rain, snow and wind!

We live in Alaska and used ours for months, when I would bring his car seat into the store he could stay asleep thanks to the cover that kept it dark inside!

These car seat covers can be purchased on Amazon for just under $20 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005CV4D0K/ref=as_li_tf_til?tag=tmim-20&camp=0&creative=0&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=B005CV4D0K&adid=1XZXT2PF6Z7NNSDGXD63

“Cute Hat”

Kyler gets a lot of great comments when wearing this hat.

This animal hat is warm, cozy and looks so adorable!

Kyler doesn’t mind wearing the hat and even enjoys pulling on the strings. He normally rips his hat off as soon as I put it on but cooperates with this one. Maybe he knows it’s his chick magnet!

We went into the post office the other day and the nice lady up front made all of the other ladies in the back come out to check him out. It definitely adds to his super cuteness!

Everyone always asks where we got it from. My mother actually picked it up from a Kirkland store in Virginia. I just found a collection of them online but took a little searching. This hat can be purchased for about $30 from…


Musical Dinosaur

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Poppity Pop Muscial Dino

It’s so fun to watch Kyler chase these balls around. He hands them to me to throw in for him at times too.

They bounce out of control and all over the place most of the time but sometimes they go back in themselves.

He really enjoys this toy. I don’t like how he tries to chew on the balls but they’re too big to put into his mouth all the way so safe.

He likes to pull on the knob that’s stuck inside the bouncy hole, not too sure if that will cause him to break it or not but it keeps him occupied since it doesn’t come out!

You drop the balls down the dino’s back or throw them into the center and they either come out the top or out of the dino’s mouth.

This is a lot of fun to watch and play along with him.

You can find this toy at Amazon for $35 which is the cheapest I’ve found so far.


Dance And Play Puppy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Dance And Play Puppy!

I absolutely love this puppy just as much as Kyler does! It’s so fun to watch him interact with it!

Kyler started clapping along with this toy as soon as it clapped! It’s neat because it has him dancing, learning and mumbling which I believe is singing!

When you knock the puppy over it says… Oopsy! Kyler learned a little while later that you pick it up when that happens.

I love to see him dance with the puppy… Our Saint Bernard doesn’t really understand Kyler’s puppy friend but she enjoys sniffing the situation out!

This toy is a little spendy at $40 but is definitely worth it! He loves this toy and 5 months later still plays with it!


Walk and Ride

Playskool Step Start Walk Ride

We got Kyler this walk/ride toy for his birthday. If it weren’t for that paci in his mouth he would be cheesing!

He has a great time on this toy! He’s likes to sit on it but not move, it’s also a little hard for him to dismount. He will enjoy this toy more when he’s a little older.

He prefers to walk the toy around rather than ride. He bumps into everything of course but finds his way around things!

It’s so cool that it has so many things for him to play with on the front and back! I hide his paci in the front compartment and he thinks it’s the silliest thing ever!

Sears has the best deal I can find for under $20! You could also try a Once Upon a Child store, if you’re looking for used products!


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