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Memory quilt


I’m making each of my children quilts from their old clothes.

My sister says this is a waste of money spent but I say it’s priceless! I have a memory associated with most of their clothes and one day I can share them all with them!


Stuffed bear animal

Mom is knitting these adorable stuffed bears for each of her grandchildren.


She is using alpaca wool that she picked up from a renaissance fair in Virginia which will make for a super soft cuddly gift.

She got the pattern for this from allaboutyou.com.

I asked if it was difficult and she said the pattern had great directions.

She still wants to embroider a face and even knit a little jacket which would be super cute!


It sits about 5″ high so makes a perfect size for little ones!

Good luck if you give it a go!

Alaska Sea Life Center Visit

We are in Seward, Alaska on a weekend vacation and love it here!

It took us about seven hours with stopping a few times to get here from Healy, Alaska where we live.

The main thing in Seward that my husband wanted to do was fishing and he is currently on a half day salmon charter with Millers Landing.

This morning we went to the Sea Life Center for about two hours and had a fantastic time!

They have a little fishing boat to take your picture in a our son absolutely loved it and probably could of stayed there all day!


Kyler (our son) loved just about every part of the center and I would definitely recommend taking your little ones out to explore museums, zoos, aquariums etc whenever you have the chance.


Great views and lots to do in the center.

Kyler especially loved touching the different creatures they have in the two feel tanks which was so cool for all of us to experience.


All in all we had a wonderful time and we would definitely visit again!


Washable children’s paint

I love these Crayola finger paints! It comes out of anything with just water. My little one has a great time painting and I don’t worry about it covering him from head to toe knowing that it will easily come off.



I use his high chair food tray for a lot of things because it’s so easy to clean after. I think he enjoys blending the colors on the tray more than putting it on the paper.



I love doing simple things with him that make him so happy! Next I’m going to get a few canvases so that he can paint a few pictures for the new nursery.

Baby First TV

I love commercial free Baby First TV!

It has seven zones of shows, each are identified by color and learning strategy.

There are also a lot of apps that you can download that are associated with the shows. It’s so neat and keeps my son occupied in the perfect situations!

Here is a list of the zones and my favorite shows in each zone…

Imagination Lane-Pink

Mio Mao (Italian children’s show with cute cats)

Sensory Wonderland-Green

My At Home Gym (We do the gym everyday and it’s fun for baby and I to do together)

Peek-A-Boo, I See You!!! (My favorite, Kyler laughs so hard!)

Feelings Garden-Orange

Tec the Tractor (A UK program that’s about a tractor and farm he’s on)

Thinking Journey-Yellow

Dany & Dady (Dany draws a picture and Dady guesses it but is always wrong!)

Language Playground-Red

Hide and Seek (The hide an acorn and then you find it and clap, fun to interact)

I Can Sign (Teaching baby sign language)

VocabuLarry (Larry the talking bird makes learning words fun)

Numbers Parade-Blue

Numbers Farm (teaches counting in a fun farm way)

Rainbow Dreams-Rainbow Colored

Sandmad (so cool how many things you can do with sand!)

Carousel Dreams (great to watch near bedtime, things pop up and disappear around the carousel)

Check it out, I guarantee you’ll like it more than Nick Jr!

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